MI5 spy who fantasised about ‘eating children’s flesh’ escaped prosecution despite machete attack

An MI5 spy was able to leave the country whilst under investigation for having Nazi paraphernalia and threatening to kill, it emerged on Thursday night.

The informant, whose identity remains a secret after the Government won an injunction against the BBC, also escaped prosecution despite attacking his girlfriend with a machete.

As counter terror officers investigated Nazi paraphernalia and a diary in which he had written about killing “Jews” found at his home in the wake of the attack, the man moved abroad and began working for a foreign intelligence agency.

It is alleged officers had passed the allegations to MI5, who were effectively allowed to investigate one of their own.

As details emerged on Thursday night of his reign of violence and abuse against his former partners, officials were facing questions over how he got a job with MI5 and why taxpayer money was used to protect his identity.

His former girlfriend, known only as Beth, told the corporation: “I couldn’t speak out, he had men in high places who always had his back who would intervene and kill me if I ever spoke out.”

After she filmed him attacking her with a machete, she informed the police, but the case was dropped after they failed to take statements or copies of the video.

The whereabouts of the man known only as X, who is a foreign national, are currently unknown.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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