Another Moderna booster trial, another death

Participants in Moderna’s clinical trials for its mRNA booster Covid shots keep dying.

And Moderna keeps obscuring their deaths.

Last week, Moderna disclosed a death in its newest booster trial in a single chart on page 49 of a 53-page report, while elsewhere in the report inaccurately claiming the trial had “no fatal events.”

Today, a reader pointed out another death in an earlier Moderna booster trial, this one from cardiac arrest in a 72-year-old man. The victim had received his third or “booster” dose nine days before.

The death appears to have occurred in August 2021, at least six weeks before the Food and Drug Administration held a hearing in October to discuss authorizing a Moderna booster at a dose lower than the one used in the August trial.

But the death was not mentioned at the hearing.

Instead, Moderna quietly disclosed the death last month in a report on the trial it published on a “preprint” server. Almost no one appears to have seen the report. The full-text version of the report, where a description of the death can be found, had been viewed online fewer than 70 times as of this morning.

The report also discloses a stroke suffered by another participant in the trial.

Of note, both victims were men in their early seventies, although only about 50 of the trial’s 305 participants were men over 65. The stroke occurred only four days after the booster mRNA dose.

The company said that its investigators believed the booster had caused the stroke but not the cardiac arrest; it did not offer details as to how they had reached that conclusion. No outside investigators appear to have reviewed either case.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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