HATE HOAX: Police say no hate crime in viral high school hijab incident

Following a viral altercation involving a hijab that occurred at Fairfax High School on Dec. 14 that prompted CAIR-backed student protests, the Fairfax Police Department have concluded that there is no evidence of a hate crime.

On Dec. 14, student Ekran Mohamed said she was called racist slurs, was pushed by two male classmates, and had her hijab pulled, revealing her hair.

In an Instagram video posted several days ago by a woman identifying Mohamed as her niece, Mohamed described the incident.

She said during a monthly meeting with marketing classes, a male Egyptian student “drew the Islamic flag and put a cross on it, like a red cross, like an X.”

She added that the male student then specifically looked at her and her two female Muslim friends. After class ended, Mohamed said she walked to see a friend, and her backpack accidentally hit a male student. Mohamed said the male student’s friends told him she said he was “ugly and little.”

Following that, the male student tried to grab Mohamed’s hijab from the back, she said. She turned around and grabbed his hair, and punched him in the stomach. Mohamed said that the male student then threw her into a desk, resulting in bruising to the left side of her body. Paramedics were called because Mohamed collapsed on the floor because she couldn’t breathe. The paramedics were called for what the school said was a panic attack.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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