FDA Knew About Numerous Adverse Events For Children ‘Related’ To Pfizer Vaccine, Approved It Anyway

Here is the “Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Meeting October 26, 2021 Briefing Document” published by the FDA. Page 15 lists an “OVERVIEW OF CLINICAL STUDIES.” Two clinical studies are listed. The first clinical study listed is “Phase 1/2/3 Registrational Study C4591001,” which was sponsored by BioNTech and conducted by Pfizer. The other clinical study listed is “Phase 1/2/3 Pediatric Study C4591007,” which is listed as being sponsored by BioNTech and supported by Pfizer. “Pediatric Study c4591007” is an ongoing study and it was used by the FDA for approval of the vaccine for ages 5 to 12. That’s right. The FDA meeting’s data was taken from an ongoing study conducted by the very makers of the vaccine. The information below comes from the FDA Briefing Packet’s review of Pfizer Pediatric Study C4591007.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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