Hysterical NBC Journo Calls Secret Service Over ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Merch

NBC national security correspondent Ken Dilanian is the latest to suffer a public breakdown over a popular meme airing grievances against President Joe Biden.

On Monday, Dilanian shared on Twitter that he reached out to the U.S. Secret Service about gun dealers printing the phrase “Let’s go Brandon,” a euphemism for “F-ck Joe Biden,” on merchandise, with the labels “F@ck!” “Joe!” and “Biden!” in place of the typical “safe,” “fire,” and “auto” modes.

“They had no comment,” Dilanian wrote, engaged in another conspiracy after serving as a purveyor of fake news for NBC over the Russia hoax.

The phrase born out of a gaffe-turned-meme has taken the internet by storm after an NBC Sports reporter translated the “F-ck Joe Biden” chant from the NASCAR stands as “Let’s go Brandon.”

“As you can hear the chants from the crowd, ‘Let’s go Brandon,’” she said, interviewing driver Brandon Brown as stadium fans clearly chanted “F-ck Joe Biden.” The reporter was either apparently oblivious to what’s become a popular chant at large events or engaged in cover for the president.

The expression quickly caught traction leading to songs which turned into TikTok challenges as they topped charts on YouTube and Apple Music.

The phrase sweeping the country as Biden’s approval deteriorates to the lowest of his first term has begun to ignite hysteria among legacy reporters to new heights after the more blatant “F-ck Trump” was cheered by elite leftists in Hollywood for years.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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