Rutgers professor slams white people as ‘villains’ while defending critical race theory: ‘Take these motherf***ers out’

Rutgers University professor Brittney Cooper, an outspoken advocate for feminism and critical race theory, defended the controversial teaching and said that white people need to get out of the way of its teaching.

Cooper — who made headlines in 2020 for blaming COVID-19 deaths on Trump voters — added that white people “kind of deserve” a declining white birth rate and said that they were “villains.”

What are the details?

During a recent talk, titled “Unpacking the Attacks on Critical Race Theory,” Cooper told writer Michael Harriot that when she attempts to teach critical race theory to college students, she asks if it’s possible to “legislate [racism] and march it away,” or if they think that “white people just always gonna be like this, and our job is to hold back their ability to do the most harm.”

She also pointed out that white people and conservatives are so opposed to critical race theory because they do not want to admit the truth.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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