Children of God victims forced to sign up for ‘sex rota’ from age of 10, survivors say

Verity Carter, now 41, was one of thousands raised in the notorious Children of God cult where kids were sexually assaulted, beaten and put on a ‘sharing schedule’ for sex at the age of 10.

Glasgow-born Verity has shared her story along with fellow survivors Hope Bastine and Celeste Jones in the new Discovery series, Children of the Cult.

The series shows disturbing footage from inside the communes and reveals the horror of life in the cult.

The survivors’ long fight for justice is documented in the five-part series as they share their ordeal.

The first UK convictions of the cult’s abusers were only secured in 2018 and 2020.

The evil sect was founded in 1968 by David Brandt Berg and grew to 130 communities around the world which housed 13,000 members.

Numerous communes based in the UK were used by Berg to convince followers that the world was ending and that sex was the way to find God.

Berg made his followers believe that “death was the ultimate orgasm.”

Members were inundated with images of naked women and children as well as X-rated videos and a rota was made for women and girls as young as 10 to make themselves available for sex to any man in the commune.

Berg endorsed a book about the sexual abuse of his own infant son, a horrific act which he encouraged his followers to do too.

Celeste said that the image of the Children on God as a sex cult is wrong, it’s more than that, it was a method of control.

She said: “David Berg said we needed to share sexually with other members in the commune. You were told who you had to have sex with.”

Verity’s mum joined the cult in Renfrewshire, Scotland, after Berg opened up the communes in the 1970s and began a lengthy recruitment process for members.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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