FBI Raids Largest Hindu Temple In US Over Human Trafficking Allegations

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents raided a temple in New Jersey Tuesday after allegations that a Hindu sect lured hundreds of low-caste men from India to work on the building’s construction for about $1 per hour under grueling conditions, numerous sources reported. 

At least 200 low-caste men are involved in a lawsuit that accused Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha, a Hindu sect known as BAPS, of exploiting the men at the Robbinesville site, according to CBS

Lawyers representing the men said they worked nearly 13 hours per day and did intense manual labor like building roads and digging ditches for roughly $450 per month, according to The New York Times. They were allegedly forbidden from speaking to visitors and religious volunteers and were given foods with insignificant nutritional value, like lentils and potatoes. The men also reportedly faced having their pays reduced if they committed minor violations, like not wearing a helmet. 

The lawsuit says the men were promised standard work hours and time off, the Times reported. They lived in trailers on the property and allegedly were not allowed to leave, CBS reported.

“They thought they would have a good job and see America. They didn’t think they would be treated like animals, or like machines that aren’t going to get sick,” Swati Sawant, an immigration lawyer who arranged legal teams to represent the temple workers, according to the Times. 

Most of the men are Dalit, which is the lowest caste in India’s caste system, accoring to the Times. After one man died from an apparent illness in the fall, workers reached out for legal assistance. 

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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One thought on “FBI Raids Largest Hindu Temple In US Over Human Trafficking Allegations”

  1. Dude ….they are skilled sculptors from India who were brought here for temple sculpting and nothing about the caste. Why the hell you people of non-inclusive monotheistic religion alway try to sling mud on other inclusive “way of life” ?? Are you folks so scared of your religion as it is falling into pieces and most of the people turning away … only way to survive is to spew venom ?

    Caste ( or Casta ) was west introduced system to Hindustan in early 1600s …Hindustan had lineage and varna system where people can move freely between varnas based on their skills ( Ouch you fixed mindset people would not understand the concept of liberation anyways ! )

    No one is a born sinner and NO need to submit yourself to any damn thing… Just look inwards and elevate consciousness and attain nirvana !


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