Hospitals are beginning to blame serious vaccine injuries on the deceased patient’s immune system

Jane Roberts of the Daily Memphian reports on the sudden death of a young orthopedic surgeon at the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. According to the report, Dr. J. Barton Williams (36) passed away not long after receiving the covid-19 vaccine. The previously healthy surgeon began to experience multi-system inflammatory syndrome (MIS) after vaccination. MIS is one of the twenty-six adverse events that the FDA initially warned about when the covid-19 vaccines were rushed through clinical trials and approved for emergency use. MIS is an autoimmune reaction that involves life-threatening inflammation of the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, skin, eyes or gastrointestinal organs and can lead to death.

Hospital conspires to rule out COVID vaccine as the cause of young surgeon’s death

Instead of investigating the role that the vaccine caused in the doctor’s death, his former colleagues are trying to rule out any link to the vaccine. “We want to be sure there is no indication that there is any relationship to the vaccine at this point,” said Baptist infectious disease expert Dr. Stephen Threlkeld, in an official statement. Baptist physicians admitted they are working with the CDC to eliminate any notion that the man’s death was related to the vaccine.

The infectious disease experts are trying to blame the doctor’s immune system for the death and are making the absurd claim that a previous COVID infection was the culprit behind his death, despite the hospital never recovering the virus from him. The deceased Dr. Williams had never tested positive for covid-19 and was even vaccinated to ensure that the virus would never affect him. The hospital is trying to declare that the doctor’s death was the first case of someone who “died of a delayed immune response to COVID and had received the vaccine.”

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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