Oliver Stone Says Fact Checkers Blocked Release of JFK Assassination Doc

According to three-time Oscar winner Oliver Stone, America’s fascist “fact checkers” are blocking the release of his new documentary about the assassination of John Kennedy.

The far-left Variety does this thing where they have celebrities interview one another. The latest involved two Oscar-winning directors, Spike Lee and Stone. During their chat, Stone said he has a four-hour documentary about the 1963 assassination all ready to go, but fascist fact checkers are blocking its release:

Spike Lee: What’s the status of JFK documentary?

Oliver Stone: Well, the four hours that we did is very powerful. It’s based on the facts that came out of the of the [sic] movie. The movie kicked off the assassination records review board for five years. They were not empowered to investigate, but they were empowered to clarify. And they did the best they could with these limitations. The facts that they presented, we go into. It makes the case harder, tighter. It’s about real facts that are shocking to people.

Lee: So you can’t you can’t find a home for this doc?

Stone: Not yet. It’s not for the American side of it. Cannes invited us for July, or June, of this year.

Lee: Netflix said no?

Stone: Yeah. Today I just got the word that National Geographic said no.

Lee: What was the reason they said no?

Stone: They said they did their fact check. Yeah. Where are you going to find this information except in this film? If they do a fact check, according to conventional sources, of course it’ll come out like this is not true. How can you go and prove that it’s true? It’s very, it’s very tough. You have to have some imagination here.

Is an Oliver Stone documentary really going to be blacklisted in the United States of America?

Looks like it.

How un-American is that?

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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