Russia-Ukraine war: These videos of the invasion are actually from the Middle East

Since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, social media has been awash with videos claiming to show the latest developments on the ground. 

At least 137 Ukrainians have been killed, including soldiers and civilians, as Moscow launched air strikes across its neighbouring country and Russian troops closed in on the capital Kyiv. 

As one of the most serious escalations in violence in recent European history, the war is playing out in real-time on digital platforms. 

But while social media has proven to be an invaluable source of information and live updates for many, it has also been a vehicle for spreading fake material. 

Much of that has involved viral content purporting to show fighting between Russia and Ukraine, but actually coming from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region

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Ukrainians who told Russian warship to ‘go f–k yourself’ may still be alive, officials say

The 13 Ukrainian border guards who were reportedly massacred while defending a small Black Sea island after telling a Russian warship to “Go f–k yourself” may still be alive, officials said.

“We [have a] strong belief that all Ukrainian defenders of Zmiinyi (Snake) Island may be alive,” the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBGSU) said in a statement Saturday.

“Preliminary information that border guards may be dead came before the defenders lost contact.”

The story of the brave soldiers defiantly refusing to surrender their post on Snake Island made headlines across the globe after Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky and the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine had both confirmed that they were wiped out two days ago.

Now there is hope that they are still alive.

According to the border agency, Russian media reported that the soldiers had been captured after they laid down their arms and were transported to Sevastopol on the Russian-controlled Crimea Peninsula. SBGSU noted that this information has not been confirmed.

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US Govt Just Admitted This Is A War That Will Determine Who Will Rule The New World Order

On Thursday, State Department spokesman Ned Price made a stunning admission regarding what this war is really all about.

According to Price, Russia and China “also want a world order”, but he warned that if they win their world order “would be profoundly illiberal”…

China has given “tacit approval” for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s latest invasion of Ukraine, in the judgment of U.S. officials, as part of a joint effort to undermine the institutions that American and allied leaders established to minimize conflict in the decades following World War II.

“Russia and the PRC also want a world order,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said Wednesday. “But this is an order that is and would be profoundly illiberal. … It is an order that is, in many ways, destructive rather than additive.”

It would take an entire book to unpack everything that Price said there.

First of all, by stating that Russia and China “also want a world order”, he was tacitly admitting that the United States and other western nations desire to have a “world order” of their own.

And he implied that what we are witnessing is a battle over who will ultimately run the “world order”.

That should deeply alarm all of us.

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Journalists spread hoax that Proud Boys are sending brigade of fighters to help Russia

Duped by a troll account, US and Australian journalists have spread misinformation that Proud Boys are traveling to eastern Europe to fight for Russia.

“We have lift off! See you when we return Australia. Brothers staying behind look after this great nation. We will return with great gifts for all! #Ukraine #bridewive,” troll account “Proud Boys Southern Tablelands” tweeted Friday. [The account had around 10 followers at the time of the tweet.]

The clip uploaded by the Twitter account is taken from an old video posted by a YouTuber in 2018 flying from Sydney to Hong Kong.

The same troll account also posted: “Proud Boys Southern Tablelands is sending a group of 8 of their best on a flight from Sydney to Poland 1610 tomorrow. We will be rendezvousing with our Brothers from Proud Boys chapters all over the world and be making our way by foot to Ukraine to help Vlad. Pray for us. Uhuru!”

Predictably, the mainstream media took the bait. Before long, the hoax was soon picked up and spread by blue check personalities on Twitter who expressed collective shock and outrage that the right-wing group would attempt such a feat.

Among those who believed a troll account posting flight take-off footage from 2018 was current include Twitter-verified ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) News journalist Max Walden and ABC’s RN Breakfast host Patricia Karvelas.

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‘Russian Propaganda’ Is The Latest Excuse To Expand Censorship

“I’m concerned about Russian disinformation spreading online, so today I wrote to the CEOs of major tech companies to ask them to restrict the spread of Russian propaganda,” US Senator Mark Warner tweeted on Friday.

Since then YouTube has announced that it has suppressed videos by Russian state media channels so that they’ll be seen by fewer people in accordance with its openly acknowledged policy of algorithmically censoring unauthorized content, as well as de-monetizing all such videos on the platform. Google and Facebook/Instagram parent company Meta both banned Russian state media from running ads and monetizing on their platforms in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Twitter announced a pause on ads in both Russia and Ukraine.

“Glad to see action from tech companies to reign in Russian propaganda and disinformation after my letter to their CEOs yesterday,” Warner tweeted on Saturday. “These are important first steps, but I’ll keep pushing for more.”

For years US lawmakers have been using threats of profit-destroying consequences to pressure Silicon Valley companies into limiting online speech in a way that aligns with the interests of Washington, effectively creating a system of government censorship by proxy. It would appear that we’re seeing a new expansion of this phenomenon today.

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No, Opposing US Intervention in Ukraine Does Not Make You a “Russian Agent”

There is a common thread appearing from the establishment left as the Ukraine crisis unfolds — everyone who opposes US intervention in Ukraine is a “Russian sympathizer puppet of Vladimir Putin.”

This is a page directly out of the neocon war manual used to demonize anyone who doesn’t support the US war machine and it’s getting old.

Those old enough to recall, remember a time during the buildup to the Iraq war in which the phrase “you’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists,” was oft repeated by the neocon Republican war hawks. Because 9/11 was fresh in the minds of Americans, many folks actually believed this nonsense that if you opposed the US war machine, you are a terrorist.

After decades of senseless wars in which thousands of Americans died and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians were slaughtered — only then did Americans learn they made a mistake.

One particularly loud voice who stood up against the wars decades ago was Cenk Uygur, who began lashing out in the early 2000s at HuffPo. Uygur’s loud antiwar voice propelled him to a show on MSNBC and eventually his own show, The Young Turks.

But as many of his previous viewers likely noticed over the years, Uygur has gone full-on establishment shill. No longer does he question wars. Instead, he now ridicules others for daring to speak out and slanders entire groups of people who dare propose peaceful solutions to what could become World War 3.

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