Texas Residents Had the Temperature Raised on Their Smart Thermostats Without Their Knowledge During a Heat Wave

Texas residents had the temperature in their homes raised on their web-connected smart thermostats without their permission during a heat wave.

Prior to their home temperatures being raised to 78 degrees, the state’s electricity operators had warned of another round of power shortages due to people running their air conditioners too much.

“The Big Brother temperature manipulation comes after the Texas energy grid failed this past winter when rolling blackouts left millions without power and 700 dead during February’s devastating winter storms,” the Daily Mail noted.

The report continues on to explain that “it turns out, people had handed over control of their thermostats – at least some people not realizing it – when they signed up for a sweepstakes called ‘Smart Savers Texas’ operated by a company called Energy Hub. The sweepstakes entered them into a contest to win free electricity for a year.”

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