Reporter Who Covered the “Brazilian Roswell” Varginha Incident Comes Forward with New Details

In the span of barely 18 months beginning, in January 2022, a UFO landing and alien encounter in South America has garnished enough attention to have gone from being referred to by many as “Brazil’s Roswell” to being well on its way to turning the New Mexico UFO incident into “America’s Varginha.” The incident occurred in January of 1996 when a large number of people in Varginha, a major metropolitan area in southeastern Brazil, claimed to have witnessed a UFO flying and landing, with a few of them claiming to see one or more extraterrestrials, a sizable number reporting military personnel removing the UFO or its crash debris, and one or possibly more becoming ill from touching an ET or the debris or breathing the air near it. While the military and the Brazilian government have never confirmed the UFO nor the aliens, witnesses, doctors, soldiers and others are suddenly coming forward with more details about the Varginha. This week, a reporter who covered it in 1996 has given an interview and released a book with new information on what she saw behind the scenes of what is becoming the most famous UFO and extraterrestrial incident of the modern era.

Journalist Margarida Hallacoc was born in Poço Fundo, just 50 miles from Varginha in the state of Minas Gerais. In January 1996, Hallacoc was a reporter for Jornal Hoje em Dia (“Today’s Newspaper”) at the Varginha branch – putting her in the perfect location to cover the fast-breaking news about the mysterious incident. To promote her new book on the case, “The ETs of Varginha: Behind the scenes of another world coverage,” Hallacoc sat down for interviews with João Marcelo on his UFO YouTube channel (view it here in Portuguese) and with besides being a journalist and author, Margarida Hallacoc was a writing professor in the Journalism and Advertising courses at the Centro Universitário do Sul de Minas (UNIS). As such, she told that her book takes a different approach to previous ones on the Varginha incident.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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