CIA Backs ‘Monsters’ and ‘Radicals’ to Sow Global Chaos — Former Psy-Ops Officer

The US has a long history of backing military coups and ‘colour revolutions’ against foreign governments which refuse to bow down to Washington — and invading when all else fails. Counter-terrorism expert Scott Bennett explains why the morality of its proxy forces is not an issue.

The US military trains mercenaries and terrorists for CIA-run destabilisation and coup operations around the world, a former US Army psy-ops expert says.

On Monday a major US daily newspaper reported on newly-released Department of Defense (DoD) documents that revealed the Pentagon was not screening militants recruited for its proxy force training programs for previous human rights abuses.

The US Congress, which approved $115 million in 2018 to recruit, arm and train “counterterrorism” and insurgent forces, has blocked previous efforts to require vetting for involvement in atrocities.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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