Canada is euthanizing its poor but these “bioethicists” think that’s the right thing to do. Come read their reasoning.

Remember Amir Farsoud? The man that nearly chose Canadian euthanasia over homelessness but was saved from being suicided by an outpouring of generosity from concerned citizens.

That was a feel-good story, but it is unfortunately the exception to the rule in Canada these days, as more and more examples of Canada euthanizing the poor pop up.

For every Amir Farsoud, there’s a Sophia who doesn’t get saved. Sophia couldn’t afford better housing to help with her condition, and rather than pay for the housing, the state paid for euthanasia.

She left a video to be shared with the media after she was dead.

“The government sees me as expendable trash, a complainer, useless and a pain in the a**,” she says on the video.

Another woman opted for MAID because her medical debt was too high, which is a crazy thought in a country with socialized medicine.

Isn’t healthcare free there?

Roger Foley, another man who said his hospital wanted to off him, testified before the Canadian Parliament. During that testimony, he said it doesn’t seem like medical care is free is if MAID is a cheaper option for the government. He claims the doctors said they would charge him $1,800 per day if he didn’t agree to MAID.

But if MAID for the poor makes you mad, you are on the wrong side of the ethical equation, at least according to two bioethicists at the University of Toronto.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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