Woke Tennessee Rep. Justin Jones accused of covering up sexual assaults by homeless man

Infamous Democratic Tennessee House Rep. Justin Jones allegedly covered up two sexual assaults committed by a homeless man, according to a 2020 Facebook post made by fellow activist Jeneisha Harris and recently unearthed by journalist Matt Murphy.

In the post, Harris said Jones witnessed two women get assaulted during a protest, then told the victims not to report the incident to police out of fears it would shift the “narrative” of the event, which he was supporting.

“For almost a week now, there has been a group of protestors demonstrating outside the Capitol to advocate for the removal of Nathan Bedford’s bust,” Harris wrote. “Last night, a homeless man sexually assaulted two women who were protesting. Two different incidents. Same man.”

She explained that Jones, “Nashville’s favorite activist,” witnessed the attack, but when the group suggested that it should be reported, he said the women had to stay silent “because it would change the narrative of why they’re actually protesting,” and that, “the incident would overpower the advocacy.”

Harris went on slam Jones for embodying the “egotistical, prideful, and patriarchal activism” in Nashville, and said that even she, someone who never trusted the police, wanted the women to report the homeless man to achieve some level of protection.

“F*ck you to Justin, his fake activism and anyone who defends what he did,” she stated, unapologetically.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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