Wyoming Democrat lawmaker shares Antifa posts suggesting murder against ‘transphobic’ targets after Nashville massacre

Wyoming Democratic House representative Karlee Provenza has been vocal on social media about her far-left beliefs, however, Provenza’s TikTok and Instagram accounts shared videos and memes that appear to call for violence against political opponents, namely those who oppose the left’s radical gender ideology.

Provenza shared a meme to her Instagram story in the wake of the Nashville shooting last week from an account called @offcolordecals.

In the meme, a person wearing a jacket colored like the transgender flag is holding a semiautomatic gun with a finger on the trigger. “Auntie Fa says protect trans folks against fascists & bigots,” the text reads.

The account, which refers to itself as a defender of equality and “purveyor of fine leftist merch” has over a hundred posts, each depicting a particular product or slogan, most of which include firearms. 

On TikTok, while her official account is rather tame, Provenza has a second on which she posts more of her day-to-day life and hot takes.

In one post from June 2022, a sea creature can be seen sitting innocuously in an aquarium. Listening to the voiceover, however, one quickly learns that the little guy is, as the caption suggests, an “extremist eel.”

“Could you give us some of your political beliefs?” the voiceover asks, to which another responds, “Kill everyone now, condone first-degree murder…”

The audio is from a 1972 cult-classic film called “Pink Flamingos,” which centers around the life of a drag queen as they try to be crowned “The Filthiest Person Alive.”

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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