Dem Bill Would Prevent Anyone Under Age of 25 Being Charged With Murder Felony

A new ‘racial justice’ bill introduced by Democrats in Maryland would prevent suspected criminals under the age of 25 being charged with felony murder under the justification that their frontal lobes are not fully developed.

Yes, really.

A felony murder occurs when someone is killed as a result of a felony crime, like if a getaway driver hits a pedestrian while fleeing the scene of a robbery.

Democrats appear to think that it’s racist to charge someone for that crime even if they are legally an adult.

“Democratic Delegate Charlotte Crutchfield is looking to change that with her Youth Accountability and Safety Act, House Bill 1180,” reports Fox Baltimore. “Specifically, Delegate Crutchfield wants that to apply to anyone under the age of 25.”

The bill was introduced after Governor Wes Moore’s pick to run the Juvenile Justice Service, Vincent Schiraldi, argued that no one under the age of 21 should be introduced to the justice system because their frontal lobes are not fully developed.

“People between the ages of 18 and 25 are more developmentally similar to juveniles than they are to fully mature adults,” Schiraldi previously told NPR. “They just are. And our justice system hasn’t figured that out yet.”

Republican Delegate Susan McComas, an opponent of the new bill, pointed out the ludicrous dichotomy of how Democrats treat minors and young adults.

“Proponents of the bill say that the human brain is not fully formed in the frontal lobes until age 25. But yet, we’re doing other things in the general assembly, letting children vote earlier and earlier, letting them get hormone inducing drugs to change their sex,” she said.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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