Minnesota Democrat Says She’s ‘Sick of White Christians’ Adopting Native American Babies

A Minnesota state lawmaker allegedly said in an online post that white Christians adopting Native American babies were contributing to “genocide.”

“I’m sick of white Christians adopting our babies and rejoicing,” Minnesota State Rep. Heather Keeler said in a post to Facebook, according to an Alpha News report. “It’s a really sad day when that happens. It means the genocide continues.”

The Democrat lawmaker continued by saying people who care about Native American babies should advocate against “the genocide.” Keeler urged concerned people to solve issues impacting Indigenous parents. She further demanded an end to “stealing our babies and changing their names under the impression you are helping.”

“White saviors are the worst,” Keeler exclaimed. “I said what I said.”

The Minnesota Democrat sponsored legislation to include parts of the federal Indian Child Welfare Act into state law. The U.S. Supreme Court is expected this term to rule on a challenge to the ICWA’s constitutionality.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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