Why conspiracy theorists say they’ll never drink Heineken again

Heineken has found itself coming under fire from conspiracy theorists online after billionaire Bill Gates acquired a minority stake in the brewing giants.

According to BloombergGates recently spent $902 million to acquire 3.8 per cent of the second largest brewer in the world, Heineken Holding.

Gates has been the subject of multiple baseless conspiracy theories in the past (some so ridiculous than Gates himself has laughed at them) and it looks like things haven’t changed with his new purchase.

There have been all sorts of accusations levelled at him over recent years, including the theory which claims he has been putting microchips in the Covid-19 vaccine in order to track people digitally.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

Seeker of rabbit holes. Pessimist. Libertine. Contrarian. Your huckleberry. Possibly true tales of sanity-blasting horror also known as abject reality. Prepare yourself. Veteran of a thousand psychic wars. I have seen the fnords. Deplatformed on Tumblr and Twitter.

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