WHO Calls for Global Surveillance to Ensure No One Escapes Vaccination

The World Health Organization (WHO) is planning to use the wealth of Bill Gates to expand the global surveillance apparatus to a degree that anyone with any ailment will be quickly identified and prevented from spreading any disease he is suspected of having.

That unbelievable goal is a substantial part of the scheme known as the WHO Zero Draft of the International Instrument on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness, and Response, which The New American reported on Wednesday.

In a presentation delivered on February 5 explaining the globalists’ purpose in putting the whole world under the watchful eye of Bill Gates and his globalist water carriers, Maria van Kerkhove, the WHO’s  COVID-19 Technical Lead, declared:

We want to end this emergency in every country, so we need to strengthen the systems in countries around surveillance. So that any individual, if they are infected with whatever they have — flu, respiratory syncytial virus [RSV], COVID-19 — will receive that antiviral as quickly as possible.

That’s right. The WHO is calling on member states to deploy more robust surveillance systems in order to identify people with any disease whatsoever so that the “infected” person can be identified and vaccinated “as quickly as possible.”

While I would encourage everyone reading this article to watch Van Kerkhove’s presentation, I would likewise encourage you to read the Zero Draft and acquaint yourself with the WHO’s plans and the language they use to explain and justify the execution of those plans by the governments of WHO member states. Here are a couple examples from the text of the WHO’s pandemic plan:

Each Party shall, in accordance with national law, adopt policies and strategies, supported by implementation plans, across the public and private sectors and relevant agencies, consistent with relevant tools, including, but not limited to, the International Health Regulations, and strengthen and reinforce public health functions for … surveillance (including using a One Health approach), outbreak investigation and control, through interoperable early warning and alert systems…. (Chapter IV, Article 11, Section 4(c))

The Parties commit to strengthen multisectoral, coordinated, interoperable and integrated One Health surveillance systems and strengthen laboratory capacity to identify and assess the risks and emergence of pathogens and variants with pandemic potential, in order to minimize spill-over events, mutations and the risks associated with zoonotic neglected tropical and vector-borne diseases, with a view to preventing small-scale outbreaks in wildlife or domesticated animals from becoming a pandemic. (Chapter V, Article 18, Section 7)

Pay close attention to the language. This Zero Draft, should it be adopted by WHO, will be forced upon countries who are signatories to WHO and the citizens of those countries. Those citizens will be placed under surveillance — surveillance developed, deployed, and driven by a cabal of nameless, faceless, unelected, and unaccountable global bureaucrats who will use these expanded surveillance systems to identify every man, woman, and child in every country who has not been vaccinated and isolate and vaccinate that person so that they cannot “infect” others.

This is the world we live in.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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