Ukrainian Schoolchildren Told to Report on Their Parents for Watching Putin’s Speech

Ukrainian schoolchildren are being asked to report on their parents for watching Vladimir Putin’s recent round of speeches or Russian television and news programming in general. The dystopic reality of life in Ukraine is a far cry from the pro-war myths sold by Western corporate media and NATO politicians, as Volodymyr Zelensky and his allies aren’t just using Stasi tactics against children, but have banned the free press and even Orthodox Christianity, the religion adhered to by a majority of Ukraine’s population.

Having been created directly by Russia and existing in the Russian sphere of influence since its beginnings, a massive segment of Ukraine’s population is ethnically Russian, linguistically Russian, and, largely, politically Russian. This includes those in the Donbas region, where most of the active war is being fought. That area seceded from Ukraine after the Obama and Soros-backed overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically-elected, pro-Russia government in 2014.

In Crimea, residents staunchly opposed the 2014 overthrow, seceding from Ukraine to be willingly annexed by Russia.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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