The Purge: Wikipedia Slanders Pulitzer Prize Winner Seymour Hersh, Giving Kremlin a Field Day

Mainstream media desperately tried to memory-hole the biggest bombshell report of the year, Seymour Hersh’s Nord Stream revelations, attacking the Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist instead. It was a field day for the Kremlin, which delighted in pointing out what ridiculous propaganda tools the mainstream media have become.

Instead of trying to verify or question Hersh’s minutely researched report based on an inside source familiar with the alleged CIA attack on the Nord Stream pipeline Sept. 26, 2022, the floundering Fake News instead took to attacking the 85-year-old prize-winning former hero of the left, who exposed the My Lai massacre, Watergate and Abu Ghraib.

Leading the way for the character assassination campaign, Reuters labeled Hersh “no stranger to controversy”, as if that were a bad thing for an investigative journalist. “The White House dismissed Hersh’s report, which relied on a single source to support its claim about the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines, as ‘utterly false and complete fiction.’ Reuters was unable to corroborate Hersh’s self-published article”, the WEF and Pfizer-tied “Reuters” wrote.

It was not clear what Reuters had done to try and “corroborate” the story.

No one at Reuters seems to have spoken to the Russian, German, Swedish or Danish investigators about the charges, for example.

TASS did, and were informed the Swedish Prosecutor’s Office “is unable to tell you anything about that because of confidentiality.” The Copenhagen Police also had “no further comment” on the bombshell report, which is not exactly a denial.

Speaking in the German Parliament on Wednesday, Green “Climate and Economics Minister” Robert Habeck said any information on the Nord Stream blast is “classified” and “part of a classified investigation. Therefore this is not a topic for parliamentary Question Time.” It was also far from a denial of Hersh’s claims.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said Hersh’s report contains “nothing unexpected”: “We assumed the involvement of the US and at least some of Washington’s NATO allies in this outrageous crime, which was an armed attack on a key element of critical infrastructure.”

In classic Stalinist style, Hersh’s Wikipedia entry was retconned to label Hersh a “conspiracy theorist”.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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