South Pole Temps Refuse to Cooperate With Global-warming Hysteria

Since daily record-keeping began at the South Pole in 1957, three recent November days broke record minimum temperatures in the land of snow and ice. November 16 dropped to -46.0 °C with the previous low temperature for that date -45.7 °C in 1987; November 17 tied its record cold mark for that date with -45.1 °C, the same as in 1999; and November 18 reached -45.2 °C, breaking the previous record of -44.7 °C in 1985.

The record cold temps come on the heels of a record cold winter in 2021, during which a research station on a high plateau in Antarctica recorded an average temperature of -78° degrees Fahrenheit (-61° C) over a six-month period between April and September of 2021.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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