New Laws Could Force Cyclists to Get Licence Plates and Follow Speed Limits

Under newly proposed regulations, cyclists in the UK may soon be forced to comply with speed limits and required to have license plates or some other way to identify themselves at all times.

The transport secretary told the Daily Mail that we should not “turn a blind eye” to cyclists who break road laws, speed and “bust red lights” and “get away with it”

— Sky News (@SkyNews) August 17, 2022

According to media reports, the government is planning to conduct a review of the legislation governing bike riding in the country. Some people believe that cyclists should be subject to the same laws as automobiles.

The review will also examine whether or not bicycles should be required to have insurance in order to utilize public roadways.

With the rules that are now in place for automobiles, drivers are responsible for any bumps on the road they have and required to carry full insurance in order to drive on public roads.

Cyclists, on the other hand, are not subject to this responsibility.

Conservative MP Grant Shapps, who is also Secretary of State for Transport, has said that he backs changes to the laws to make cyclists more accountable.

“Somewhere where cyclists are actually not breaking the law is when they speed, and that cannot be right, so I absolutely propose extending speed limit restrictions to cyclists,” Shapps said.

“I don’t want to stop people from getting on their bike, it’s a fantastic way to travel, and we’ve seen a big explosion of cycling during Covid and since,” he continued.

“But I see no reason why cyclists should break the road laws and be able to get away with it.”

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