Mexico’s Former Attorney General Arrested Following Student Massacre Investigation

Mexican authorities arrested the country’s former top prosecutor in connection with the investigation and coverup of a massacre of 43 education students. The murders allegedly took place at the hands of cartel gunmen and corrupt cops.

On Friday afternoon, Mexican federal authorities with the help of Mexico’s Navy, arrested Jesus Murillo Karam, the former Attorney General for Mexico on the charges of torture, forced disappearances, and crimes against the administration of justice, a statement from the country’s Attorney General’s Office (FGR) revealed.

The arrest took place at Murillo Karam’s home on Friday afternoon. In the statement, the FGR revealed that after notifying him of the arrest warrant. He did not resist and collaborated with authorities as they transferred him to the agency headquarters.

The arrest comes just one day after Mexico’s Undersecretary for Human Rights Alejandro Encinas issued a preliminary report from the Commission for Truth and Access to Justice on the Ayotzinapa Case. In the report, Encinas called the case a “State Crime” that was carried out by the highest officials under the previous presidential administration. Encinas claimed that government officials at the federal and state level carried out ommissions, were negligent, and altered evidence, facts, and circumstances to push a false narrative of events that became known as the “Historical Truth.”

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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