Witnesses: S.F. Police Caught Catalytic Converter Thief Red-handed, Let Him Go

San Francisco police caught a man red-handed sawing off a catalytic converter from a stolen car — and let him go, even helping him find the bus stop, according to shocked eyewitnesses who said the experience left them feeling unsafe in the city.

Lauren Lindsay and Morgan Heller, roommates who live in the city’s Richmond district, heard the noise of a man using power tools to cut the converter from the car — at 3 a.m. Catalytic converters are popular targets for thieves because they include trace amounts of precious metals, such as platinum, that help reduce the toxicity of emissions from combustion engines.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported:

[Officers] responded to a 911 call about a man cutting a catalytic converter from the underbelly of a car. The officers arrived to find the alleged thief at the scene of the crime, learned he was on probation for a previous theft and then let him walk off, car jack in hand — even giving him directions to the nearest bus stop.

Roommates Lauren Lindsay and Morgan Heller witnessed the incident and bizarre police response from their apartment at 24th Avenue and Anza Street in the Richmond neighborhood and were left dumbstruck. They’d done everything right: called the cops, kept their eyes on the person the entire time, answered all the officers’ questions and agreed to participate in the case.

“Even if you package it all together with a bow on top, it still doesn’t go anywhere,” said Lindsay, 26. “It makes you feel like the police don’t really care. It makes you feel helpless.”

Crime has risen in major cities across the United States, thanks in partly to the Black Lives Matter and “defund the police” movements, as well as left-wing prosecutors who have often benefited from lavish spending by billionaire George Soros.

But San Francisco is almost in a class of its own. A statewide prison reform referendum, Proposition 47 in 2014, reduced sentences for many crimes, allowing thieves to escape jail time for thefts less than $950. And left-wing district attorney George Gascón, who was appointed after Kamala Harris left for the Senate, oversaw “reforms” that saw petty crime rise.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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