Multiple Cops Ignore Citizens Flagging Them Down to Report a Rape Taking Place on the Sidewalk in Front of Them

If ever you thought police in the United States were here for your protection, the following case out of New Orleans, Louisiana should remove all doubt. Nearly a dozen eye witnesses flagged down several police officers, pointed them to a rape in-progress and not a single one of them chose to act. New audio footage from the 911 call, illustrates just how utterly incompetent the security force in New Orleans actually is.

Even after one citizen dialed 911, officers continued to ignore the ongoing rape on the sidewalk and by the time one of the officers finally responded, the rapist had fled.

“There’s a police officer in front of me now,” the woman told the 911 dispatcher.

“He looked at me like I was crazy,” the woman told, asking to remain anonymous out of fear of police retribution.

In the recording of the 911 call, we can hear the woman approach the officer and tell him that a woman was literally being raped right now and he can stop it.

“I mean, this police officer isn’t even moving,” she told 911. “He’s still just parked here.”

“There was no urgency whatsoever,” the caller’s spouse told “A woman is being raped in public in front of other people — that is unacceptable.”

Despite pleading with 911 and the officer — who was reportedly working an approved detail for a film — no one stepped in and stopped the rape and the rapist was able to get away.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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