The Story of Otis T. Carr: The Man Who Supposedly Invented An ‘Anti-Gravity’ Vehicle In The 1950s

It’s astonishing how the topic of “anti-gravity” technology is still placed in the “conspiracy theory” realm by some. This isn’t the stuff of conspiracy theories or “fringe” science, it’s a field full of reputable scientists, scholars, and real-world examples that have come not only from hard evidence but from extremely credible witness testimony.  History is littered with supposed examples that are surrounded by controversy. This article explores the story of a man by the name of Otis T. Carr (1904-1982).

In the late 1950s, OTC Enterprises, Inc. of Baltimore, Maryland put out a statement that was published in the April 3rd edition of the Baltimore Enterprise. The statement came in the form of a claim that the company was ready to manufacture a flying saucer that was capable of travelling outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. All that was needed was a massive amount of funding, approximately 20 million dollars. The equivalent to that today is probably several billion.

Now, keep in mind that this is the 1950s. There was a big wave of UFO sightings at this time, especially after the atomic bomb was dropped in Japan. The topic was getting a lot of mainstream media attention. Rumors of “crashed craft, and bodies recovered,” that Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell claimed were real were running rampant at this time. President Harry Truman even said, on national television, that they discuss these “UFOs” at every conference his government has had with the military. According to him at the time, “there’s always stuff like that going on.”

In March 2019, astrophysicist Eric W. Davis, who spent years working as a consultant for the Pentagon UFO program and is now a defense contractor, gave a classified briefing to the Defense Department on what he called “off-world vehicles not made on this earth.”

Did ‘the powers that be’ or ‘the military-industrial complex’ have flying saucer technology when Carr was alive? It’s not far fetched if you sift through the literature. Take, for example, this document from the Central Intelligence Agency’s Electronic reading room. The agency was keeping tabs on news regarding the topic abroad. There are tens and thousands of files that have been declassified showing this, including ones pertaining to Carr which we will get to later. The document reads as follows:

“A German newspaper recently published an interview with George Klein, famous German engineer and aircraft expert, describing the experimental construction of ‘flying saucers’ carried out by him from 1941 to 1945.”

The document goes on to describe how many people believed ‘flying saucers’ to be a postwar development and what it was capable of.

 “The “flying saucer” reached an altitude of 12,400 meters within 3 minutes and a speed of 2,200 kilometers per hour. Klein emphasized that in accordance with German plans, the speed of these “saucers” would reach 4,000 kilometers per hour. One difficulty, according to Klein, was the problem of obtaining the materials to be used for the construction of the “saucers,” but even this had been solved by German engineers toward the end of 1945, and construction on the objects was scheduled to begin, Klein added.”

Otis T. Carr had similar claims. These claims, although few in number, were global. Apparently, Carr put on numerous demonstrations for the public and amassed millions of dollars from extremely wealthy people to do so. If they did not believe him and if he had not shown some promise, how did he receive all of this funding?

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