‘Hellfire Missiles’: US Military Fired Upon UFO That Looked Like ‘F*cking Jellyfish,’ Filmmaker Says

While the Pentagon tries to gain new insights into the nature of the unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), as UFOs are referred to today, US documentary filmmaker and ufologist Jeremy Corbell has alleged that one such object recently came under fire from troops on Earth.

During his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Corbell claimed that the “increased frequency” of UFO over “active warzones” has led to the creation of rules “about whether to fire or not” on these objects.

According to Corbell, the documents he has been “exposed to” suggest that any object that looks like it could be carrying a payload, thus posing a potential threat, is to be fired at.

“And there’s been such an increased frequency since 2021 that it has been pushed up to kind of a critical where they are, like, ‘okay, these things are in our airspace, we could have collisions,’” he said. “But more importantly, we see other countries firing on these – Russia, Syria. We know it is not their assets. So the question is, whose are these?”

Corbell also claimed that he has images of one object that “we fired on” – likely referring to the US military by “we” – which he described as looking like a “f*cking jellyfish.”

“It is stiff, about the size of, like, a big coffee table – that’s the one at least that we fired on recently,” he said.

Earlier in the conversation, when Rogan asked him what he meant by “firing,” Corbell promptly replied “Hellfire missiles.”

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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