Biden’s War Machine Is Sending Another $1.7 Billion To Ukraine

The Biden administration is announcing another $1.7 billion in aid to Ukraine, bringing the total taxpayer money spent on the proxy war more than $65 billion since the Russia invaded the European nation.

The additional aid was announced on Tuesday and is partially sponsored by the U.S. Agency of International Development (USAID). 

statement from USAID says, “This additional funding will provide emergency food and cash assistance, safe drinking water, accessible shelter, logistical support, humanitarian coordination and protection, emergency health care, including mental health care and support for survivors of gender-based violence. This funding is in addition to USAID’s support for activities aimed specifically at alleviating shelter concerns during the coming winter months.”

It goes on to state, “The provision of cash will offset increased heating costs through the purchase of fuel for electricity, materials for light renovations (insulation), and the distribution of thermal blankets and winter clothes and shoes, especially for children and the elderly.”

To date, USAID has given the Ukrainian government $4 billion in budgetary support. The organization said these funds have been used to keep gas and electricity flowing to hospitals and schools, get humanitarian supplies to citizens, and pay the salaries of civil servants and teachers.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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