Famed British Astronaut Suggests UFOs Could Be Extraterrestrial

A famed British astronaut recently offered a rather remarkable opinion on the UFO phenomenon when he suggested that the mysterious objects seen by American Navy pilots appear to be extraterrestrial in nature. Col Tim Peake became something of a household name in England after serving more than six months aboard the ISS and, during that time, made history as the first Briton to ever perform a spacewalk. Since his return to Earth, the astronaut has appeared on numerous television programs to discuss his experiences as well as the latest happenings surrounding space exploration, which is how the topic of UFOs came up when Peake was a guest on the show Good Morning Britain earlier this week.

Asked for his thoughts on the considerable amount of discussion concerning unidentified flying objects currently unfolding here in America, Peake mused that “I think it’s interesting that the US Government has made this public,” noting both last summer’s Pentagon report on UAPs as well as last month’s Congressional hearing on the phenomenon. Observing that the phenomenon is “still very much unexplained,” Peake opined that “it’s a good thing there are discussions being had, and that this information is being made available.” As for what these objects could be, the astronaut provided an answer which likely raised eyebrows among UFO enthusiasts.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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