Gas Prices Are So High, Police Told to “Respond” to 911 Calls By Phone

Currently, gas prices throughout the country are reaching record highs. For months, the establishment left has been blaming soaring prices on “greedy capitalism” and for months, their constituency has been lapping it up. In reality, gas prices are high because of federal government intervention in the market, sanctions which have skewed competition, and runaway inflation thanks to irresponsible monetary policy by the fed which has printed trillions over the last two years.

As blowhards in DC mull price controls and point fingers, the effects of soaring prices are hitting main street America hard. Unfortunately, the “solution” proposed by the economically illiterate political class will only make matters worse. As Congress pushes legislation to add to inflation, the results of their already-failed policies are trickling down.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) has reported that Michigan had seen one of the highest average weekly gas-price surges in the country. Prices were previously climbing weekly but are now increasing on a daily basis. On Tuesday, a gallon of regular fuel cost $5.21, up from $5.17 the day before. A week ago, it was $4.70 a gallon. Last year, gas prices were $3.01 a gallon, marking a ridiculous 73% increase.

Gas prices were already putting a strain on US drivers, who have increasingly been left stuck on motorways with empty tanks as they try to “test the limits of their fuel gauges,” according to the AAA. But now the issue is beginning to severely affect police departments and other agencies.

According to Michigan County Administrator Nicole Frost, who spoke with the Detroit Free Press, the local sheriff’s office had already spent 96% of its fuel budget with three-and-a-half months still to go until the end of the fiscal year.

In one such instance, police departments in several Michigan counties have begun to implement a rather laughable policy in regards to policing. Several police departments in the state have informed officers to handle “whatever calls are acceptable” — by phone. Seriously.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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