The Nazi Evil Behind Germany’s Wealthiest Companies

Supplying uniforms to the German empire, textile magnate Gunther Quandt made millions during World War I.  Shortly after, when electrification was booming worldwide, he gained control of one of the world’s largest battery-makers.  He soon acquired one of Germany’s primary arms and ammo manufacturers.  This was just the beginning.  He went on to gain stupendous wealth and power through deals with the Nazis.  The story of Quandt, as told in David de Jong’s Nazi Billionaires: The Dark History of Germany’s Wealthiest Dynasties, evokes awe and dread.  For it is about soulless profiteering and participation without any qualms in the enslavement and massacre of millions of Jews.

It is well known that many dynastic German companies owe their standing to their complicity — even willful participation — in Nazi evil.  De Jong investigated five key industrialists who funded Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, were complicit in horrendous crimes, and reaped billions from that cold-blooded investment: Quandt, automaker Ferdinand Porsche, Richard Kaselowsky of the Dr. Oetker Group, financier August von Finck, and industrialist Frederick Flick.  His book details their deals and post-war cover-ups.  It also tells how they were virtually absolved of all wrongdoing because the West needed Germany as a bulwark against Russia and its East European satellites.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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