Engineered Collapse Suspected As Another General Mills Facility Catches Fire

The American people are noticing that many fires are happening at food processing plants, and the timing of these fires exposes that there is no way that it is all just a coincidence. Some Conservative media are awake to the fact as well, but the lapdog media is ignoring the entire timeline of unfolding danger.

Recently as many as  20 plus  US food processing plants that are headquarters of food processing companies have been damaged or destroyed, but that isn’t anything our government is concerning themselves with at this time.

A General Mills facility was recently hit by a plane in Georgia, and a plant in Idaho appeared to be in the crosshairs well.

New reports indicate that yet another General Mills facility has been damaged in some way—this time by a fire.

This brings the grand total to 22 food processing plants or headquarters, that we know of, which have been destroyed or damaged in some way over the course of just one week, and the odds of that happening organically are making people everywhere wonder if we are watching the managed decline of the United States of America.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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