Serial Rapist Cop, Sentenced to 263 Years, Up for Parole After Doing Just 6 Years

A disgraced former Oklahoma City police officer, Daniel Holtzclaw, 29, was sentenced to 263 years in prison in 2016, after being convicted of numerous rapes and sexual assaults while on duty. Holtzclaw was convicted on 18 felony counts — including four counts of first-degree rape in December, 2015.

After serving a portion of this sentence, Holtzclaw appealed, maintaining his innocent since the beginning. In 2019, Holtzclaw tried to appeal the case, however, the evidence against him is so overwhelming, a judge refused to overturn his conviction.

The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals in August 2019 upheld the convictions of Holtzclaw. On Monday, however, Holtzclaw once again tried to get out of jail, getting yet another chance before Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board. Luckily for his victims, once again, he was denied in a 5-0 vote.

Holtzclaw and his family have maintained his innocence since day one and claim that because the judge in his case, Oklahoma County District Judge Tim Henderson, was accused of sexual misconduct himself, that Holtzclaw must have been railroaded.

“I hope and pray more people finally see I truly was railroaded and wrongfully convicted,” he said in a statement. “I upheld my oath of office by protecting and serving my community, while Judge Henderson was allegedly abusing women and violating his oath. It’s time to reopen every one of Henderson’s cases, including mine, that was impacted by his sexual misconduct.”

Clearly his family is ignoring all the evidence in the case which is what led to the unprecedented sentence against this serial rapist cop.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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