America’s ‘white supremacy’ is a myth, and here’s the proof

Asian women are now more successful than white men in the United States, shattering the progressives’ narrative that the country is systemically racist. And the response of the left? To claim that Asians are actually white.

According to a recent US Department of Labour report, Asian women out-earned white men in six of the last nine quarters, and in the most recent quarter, Asian women on average earned 9.1% more than their white male counterparts ($1,224 per week compared to $1,122 per week).

And while that news may not mean much to the casual observer, the success of Asian women does, however, pose a problem for those keen to paint America as a land rife with systemic discrimination against women and particularly non-white people. But rather than give up the narrative of oppression, the left has instead offered increasingly impressive mental gymnastics to justify the disconnect between their ideology and our reality.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

Seeker of rabbit holes. Pessimist. Libertine. Contrarian. Your huckleberry. Possibly true tales of sanity-blasting horror also known as abject reality. Prepare yourself. Veteran of a thousand psychic wars. I have seen the fnords. Deplatformed on Tumblr and Twitter.

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