After Family’s Home Burns Down, Gov’t Evicting Them from RV They’re Living in to Rebuild

Imagine for a moment that your home that you’ve lived in for decades caught fire and your belongings and irreplaceable family heirlooms are gone forever. Sadly, this is a reality for  nearly 400,000 Americans every year and Suzanne Afolabi became one of them in May. Unfortunately, because government does what government does, Afolabi’s house burning down was only the beginning of her nightmare.

After her family’s house burned down in May, her insurance company provided her with an RV that she could live in on her property until her home was rebuilt. She, her husband and their grandson lived in the RV while the home was being repaired — that is, until a neighbor complained.

“We’re just temporary out here in this camper it’s not permanent until we get the house built,” Afolabi told WNDU.

However, when an apparently heartless and vindictive neighbor reported Afolabi’s RV — which was set up on her own property — to the local authorities, government turned the family’s bad dream into a nightmare.

“He came out and told me that I couldn’t be here,” Afolabi said of the zoning board inspector who told her she had to move the RV off of her own property. However, there was a glimmer of hope when the zoning tyrant told her that she could get a variance on the RV and it would be no problem. But when she asked for one, the board refused to grant it.

When WNDU reached out to the zoning board to confirm this asininity, they unapologetically responded by telling the reporter that the trailer is actually a recreational vehicle (RV) and cannot be a permanent home due to zoning codes — despite the fact that it is not a permanent home.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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