Nancy Pelosi seen twice not wearing a mask, only a day after Capitol Police institute mask mandate in the House

A day after the Captiol Police declared that face masks must be worn “at all times” on the House side of the Capitol complex, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was seen not wearing a face mask on two occasions.

The new mask mandate that went into effect on Thursday stated that everyone, including fully vaccinated individuals, must wear face masks on the House side of the Capitol building.

“Capitol Division shall enforce this mask policy on all staff and visitors” in the House side of the Capitol, according to the bulletin from Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger.

“If a visitor or staff member fails to wear a mask after a request is made to do so, the visitor or staff shall be denied entry to the House Office Buildings or House-side of the U.S. Capitol,” the Capitol Police order stated. “Any person who fails to either comply or leave the premises after being asked to do so would be subject to an arrest for Unlawful Entry.”

The letter stated that Capitol staff and visitors can be arrested for not wearing a mask; however, Congress members who fail to comply with the mask mandate will be “reported to the House Sergeant at Arms’ office.”

Despite the Capitol Police order mandating masks at the Capitol, Nancy Pelosi was seen not wearing a face mask on Friday. Pelosi, who is the presiding officer of the United States House of Representatives, flagrantly did not wear a mask on two occasions at the Capitol on Friday.

Texas Republican Jake Ellzey was sworn into the House on Friday morning, three days after winning a special election for Texas’s 6th Congressional District.

“Pelosi posed with Ellzey for photos as they reenacted the official swearing-in conducted moments earlier,” the Dallas News reported.

The swearing-in ceremony was held in the Rayburn Reception Room, located on the House side of the Capitol.

In the video, Pelosi is seen motioning to her face and asking someone off-camera, “Can we take off our masks?” The speaker of the House removed her mask, then Ellzey and his family followed suit.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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