The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) “Behavioral Modification” Collection

The below archive is connected with YEARS worth or research in connection with the MKULTRA CIA Collection.  After years of having a 4 CD-ROM set archived, one researcher by the name of Oscar Diggs, went through and painstakingly put together a list of “missing” documents that were said to be on the CD’s, but were not.

I was given this list by Mr. Diggs in 2016. That began a near 3 year struggle with the CIA just to prove that list was accurate, let alone, getting a copy of the missing pages. Through the course of months that stretched to years, it ultimately took a 97 page fax to the CIA, with an index of every single file on the CD’s, to prove what I was asking for. The CIA had claimed they would give me the documents for FREE, since I already paid for the MKULTRA/Mind Control collection, and was told those documents were on the CD’s.

After proving it — the CIA’s story changed. They then said they were not clear, and the documents I asked for were NOT on the CD’s, and I had to pay for them. When I asked why, they said they were not on “mind control” or “MKULTRA”, but rather, were about “Behavioral Modification.”  I was denied a fee waiver, and was told that I would need to purchase 4,358 pages of documents, which comprised what I had asked for of the “missing” document numbers.

Through the graciousness of the internet, I was able to secure the money, and I wrote the check. After two months of waiting, my check was returned, and the CIA said by letter that the 4,358 was actually 2,316. With this letter, was 800 pages of MKULTRA material that I was never given on the CD’s. Therefore, it appeared, that I was actually correct pushing for records, but for more than two years, the CIA would not believe me.

My check was returned, and the CIA said if I was still interested in the 2,316 remaining pages, that I had to cut a new, lesser amount, check, as if I would lose interest somehow. Of course, I cut the new check, but what happened to the page count? How did so many pages disappear and vanish?  This all means that at least 1,245 pages of MKULTRA / Mind Control / Behavioral Modification documents just vanished from their original quote to me. What I can’t deduce from the CIA’s letter is if these 797 pages released were a part of that original quote, so the number of missing pages could be closer to 2,000!

Regardless of what the answer is, I finally got the remaining documents. As I know they are all digitized CIA, and I requested they be given electronically, the CIA ignored that request and printed out the thousands of pages that you will find linked below. So, I had to sit down, remove the staples and alligator clips, and begin scanning. Once completed, I went through each document and offered a date (if readable/available) file size, and a brief description. This is not meant to be a “complete” index, as the documents many times go into greater detail than my brief description. But, I do hope it offers a starting point.

Additional Note: The CIA claimed the remaining 2,316 pages were NOT related to MKULTRA, which is why I had to pay for them. However, document C00017440, was 821 pages entirely on MKULTRA. That consists of more than $80 of the fees I had to pay! Although possibly an oversight, this was the absolute icing on the frustration cake that has endured for years. 

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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