Science Journal Decries Racism in Geology, Claims Black People Are Too Scared to Hold Hammers

Enlightenment is a process, and as we’ve learned on a near-daily basis for quite some time, many things are racist.

Thanks to a recent paper published in science journal Nature Communications, more light has now been shed.

Another of society’s racist realms, as it turns out: geology.

On June 22nd, a group of scientists offered “An Actionable Anti-Racism Plan for Geoscience Organizations.”

As indicated by the article, white supremacy is alive and well amid the study of earth and rocks.

In the write-up — headed by Fort Hays State University professor Hendratta Ali and signed by 18 other academics — experts lament the lack of diversity in geology.

It is, they assert, one of the least diverse areas of engineering and science.

And for a sinister reason:

Racism has led to the geosciences becoming one of the least diverse among all science and engineering fields.”

The “R” word isn’t merely present; it thrives:

Racism thrives in geoscience. Geoscience organizations function alongside the same racist ideologies and practices shaping society.

Hence, changes must be made.

Among them: an end to terribly racist, judgmental attitudes.

According to the manifesto, geoscience is rife with “expectations around manners, clothing, hair, professional attire, language, and diction.”

So how’s about a great push for “diversity”?

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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