Expert Analysis: ‘Climate Change’ Had No Significant Role in Pacific Northwest Heatwave

For those who routinely shout, “Follow the science!,” Mass brings the science, writing, “… if you are going to truly understand the science and the situation. Superficial, hand-waving arguments will not allow you to comprehend the truth, particularly when so many ‘facts’ communicated in the media and among activists are inconsistent with the best science.”

His lengthy essay may be difficult for people who aren’t versed in meteorology like I am to fully understand. However, Mass helpfully provides this plain-language synopsis:

Society needs accurate information in order to make crucial environmental decisions. Unfortunately, there has been a substantial amount of miscommunication and unscientific handwaving about the recent Northwest heatwave, and this blog post uses rigorous science to set the record straight. … [I]t is shown that global warming only contributed a small about (1-2F) of the 30-40F heatwave and that proposed global warming amplification mechanisms (e.g., droughts, enhanced ridging/high pressure) cannot explain the severe heat event. It is shown that high-resolution climate models do not produce more extreme high temperatures under the modest global warming of the past several decades and that global warming may even work against extreme warming in our region. Importantly, this blog demonstrates that there is no trend towards more high-temperature records. Finally, the communication of exaggerated and unfounded claims by the media, some politicians, and several activists are discussed.

Regardless of the politics, Mass pulls no punches, which is why, even though he and I are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, he asked me to republish his essay on

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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