YouTube censors scientist’s popular podcast for mentioning ivermectin

YouTube censored one of the most popular podcasts in the country because it mentioned the drug ivermectin as a safe and effective treatment for COVID-19.

Bret Weinstein, an evolutionary biologist who was a professor at Evergreen State College, told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night YouTube has blocked “The Darkhorse Podcast” from generating ad revenue, which is how he makes a living.

YouTube said it will not allow any channel to discuss “[c]laims that ivermectin is effective in treatment or prevention of COVID.”

Carlson asked Weinstein why YouTube, which is owned by Google, would do such a thing.

“It is confusing, but I think to understand it, the thing to do is to consider the question of what would be ideal from the perspective of the pharmaceutical industry at the moment? It would be ideal if vaccines were recommended for all people irrespective of their age, irrespective of whether they had already had COVID-19, and irrespective of whether or not they were pregnant,” he said.

“And it would be essential that there were no safe and effective alternatives to the vaccine because if there were safe and effective alternatives, the Emergency Use Authorizations that allow the administration of the vaccines would evaporate.”

Weinstein said the “evidence is strong that ivermectin works both as a prophylactic and as a treatment if given early.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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