U.S. Investigates 2 Possible Directed Energy Attacks Near White House; Victims Experienced Debilitating Symptoms

It has been determined that American Embassy workers and their family members were likely injured by exposure to microwave energy while stationed in China and Cuba (see 123).

Now the U.S. government is investigating two possible microwave energy attacks that occurred here.

From Environmental Health Trust:

US Investigating Possible Directed Electromagnetic Attack Near White House

“Possible”and “Mysterious” Directed Electromagnetic Energy Attack Near White House

According to CNN Reports “Federal agencies are investigating at least two possible incidents on US soil, including one near the White House in November of last year, that appear similar to mysterious, invisible attacks that have led to debilitating symptoms for dozens of US personnel abroad.”

Defense officials briefed lawmakers on the Senate and House Armed Services Committees on the  incident near the White House. earlier this month. That incident  occurred near the Ellipse, the large oval lawn on the south side of the White House and “sickened one National Security Council official”  according to CNN.

In 2009 the White House official reported a similar attack while walking her dog in a Virginia suburb just outside Washington, according to a GQ report.

According to Politico the Pentagon opened an investigation last year regarding “suspected directed-energy attacks occurred on an unknown number of troops” and “directed-energy attacks on U.S. spies and diplomats are well-documented; the CIA recently set up its own task force to look into the issue.”

“A directed-energy attack uses highly concentrated electromagnetic energy, including high-powered radio frequency or microwave devices and particle beams, to harm a target. The attacks can take different forms, from jamming electronic equipment to causing pain or permanent injuries. A report commissioned by the State Department and released in December pointed to “directed, pulsed radiofrequency energy” as the most probable cause for the “Havana syndrome” incidents.”

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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