CBS Edits Out Gun of Black Youth Shot by Police

The “mainstream” media bears responsibility for helping to whip up the hundreds of race riots that have besieged America over the past year. To what extent will the left-wing activists who run the media blatantly deceive us to advance their destructive agenda? CBS News answers the question by editing the gun out of the hand of Adam Toledo, a black youth who was shot by Chicago police.

Fox News reports on video of Toledo and another person running from police:

Toledo stops for a moment before he turns toward the officer, at which point the cop tells him to, “Show me your f—— hands.”

Toledo appears to have his hands up when he is shot once in the chest. He ultimately died from his injuries.

Also shown in the footage is a brief glimpse of Toledo holding a gun, which he apparently discarded an instant before the fatal shot was fired.

CBS News, however, tweeted a video formatted for mobile devices. As a result, both sides of the bodycam footage were cropped and the image of Toledo holding the gun was omitted.

The impression created was that the police chased down and executed a child, when the actual story was a cop making an understandable mistake in a split-second life and death decision.

So-called journalists have gone from burying the lede to deleting it.

This is hardly out of character for CBS News, as it struggles to distinguish itself as the propaganda agency most aggressively devoted to promoting Democrats’ preferred narrative. A recent 60 Minutes smear job on Ron DeSantis was shockingly dishonest. Demonstrating that it is loyal only to the Democrat Party, not the public, CBS News arrogantly stands by the report.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

Seeker of rabbit holes. Pessimist. Libertine. Contrarian. Your huckleberry. Possibly true tales of sanity-blasting horror also known as abject reality. Prepare yourself. Veteran of a thousand psychic wars. I have seen the fnords. Deplatformed on Tumblr and Twitter.

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