Foster Family Kicked Out of Their Home to Make Room for Migrant Children

President Joe Biden has exacerbated a situation at the United States-Mexico border that can only be described as a crisis. Instead of addressing the problem sensibly, leftists are now booting American citizens from their homes in favor of migrant children.

Edmundo Serena Sanchez and his wife, Paual, have lived in a Renton, Washington State, home where they have fostered children for about seven years, KING-TV reported. They have fostered around 20 children during that time, and they were fostering four in February.

Despite this important work, the non-profit organization Friends of Youth, who owns the house and surrounding campus, has decided to kick them out.

“Friends of Youth has reviewed our organizational goals this past year, and we have chosen to pursue a different strategic vision,” they said in Jan. 29 letter. They went on to explain that the Renton house was needed “ … to provide a different scope of services in support of unaccompanied youth.”

The phrase “unaccompanied youth” is somewhat of a euphemism referring to the massive influx of children who have crossed the southern border without adult supervision since Biden took office. Friends of Youth apparently had no problem prioritizing these migrants over actual American families.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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