Cop Who Killed Concealed Carry Permit Holder Bragged About ‘Hunting People, Throwing the First Punch’

 Casey Christopher Goodson Jr., 23, had no criminal record, was not wanted by police, and was bringing his grandmother lunch, when he was gunned down by Franklin County Sheriff’s deputy, Jason Meade who was working with a U.S. Marshals Service fugitive task force. His grandmother and Goodson’s 5-year-old brother watched Goodson die in front of them — their Subway sandwiches lying in a pool of blood. Few details about why Meade decided to kill this man have been released, other than the standard “feared for his life” and “I saw a gun” claims. However, we are now learning about this killer cop’s past which may have contributed to his trigger happy nature.

Meade has a background as a pastor. But unlike most pastors who teach Jesus Christ’s philosophy of turning the other cheek, Meade preached to strike first and ask questions later.

In a YouTube video series for the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office called “Connecting with the Community,” Meade gave a sermon at the the Ohio State Association of Free Will Baptists in 2018. During that sermon, this killer cop said, “I learned long ago why I’m justified in throwing the first punch. Don’t look up here like ‘Oh police brutality’.”

Meade reiterated his stance on preemptively striking those he “hunted” several times.

While telling the church goers that he was a cop, Meade said, “I work for the Sheriff’s office… I hunt people – it’s a great job, I love it. I got a bunch of my SWAT members here and even my bosses are here, I appreciate ‘em coming out, they’re good men of god. I’m glad they came out to support us today, but they’ll let you know, I worked this job 14 years, you know I ain’t never been hit clean in the face one time?”

He clarifies, “It’s a fact. It ain’t cuz I’m so good, I ain’t bad, it ain’t cuz I’m so good. You know why? I learned long ago I gotta throw the first punch.” 

Meade adds, “Hahahaha yeah, every time I hit ‘em and I’m like that’s for you, that’s for you [referring to the audience]. It’s not that bad, I’m kidding. But listen, this is the truth.”

When a preacher gives a sermon about throwing the first punch, people should know well enough to walk out but Meade wasn’t just a preacher. He is also a cop — and when cops talk about throwing the first punch, they should not be cops.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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