The RAND Corporation and the New Manhattan Project

In the decades since their founding, the RAND Corporation has issued many reports concerning weather modification. Being that today’s New Manhattan Project is, in its essence, a global weather modification project, these reports are of particular interest to our discussion. RAND began work on weather modification studies in 1962.

In October of 1968 their Weather-Modification Research Project released a report titled “Weather-Modification Progress and the Need for Interactive Research.” The most important contributor to this report was a man by the name of R.E. Huschke. Shortly after asserting the catastrophic theory of man-made global warming, this report states that the exhaust from jet airplanes at altitude produces ‘cirrus cloudiness’ which can have an effect upon the earth’s temperature. This is an example of both the essence of the SRM geoengineering thesis as well as an argument in favor of chemtrails.

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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