“Uighur atrocities could be worst crimes since The Holocaust”

Intelligence coming from the USA is indicating that the abuses against Uighur Muslims in Western China could be the worst crime since World War II.

Nusrat Ghani is Conservative MP for Wealden and she has been campaigning about the Uighur Genocide for some time now. She told Iain Dale that she is currently “trying to change the dialogue and get the UK government to incorporate the abuses that are taking place against the Uighur within the Magnitsky Act” which is a new law which allows government to seize assets of people committing serious crimes, if they have assets in the UK.

She told Iain that the Americans “have enough evidence against Chinese officials to say that they should have sanctions against them.”

“They are running state run detention centres with 2 million people incarcerated with at least half a million uighur children removed from their parents.” This, in dictionary terms, along with the apparent forced sterilisation of people in the “reeducation camps” constitutes a genocide, according to Ms Ghani.

“We can say it’s a genocide and we don’t have to be careful with the language” she said

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Author: HP McLovincraft

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