Rabbit Hole Leads To A Secret 700-Year-Old Cave Network Built By Knights Templar

A fascinating network of caves that were found down what appeared to be a rabbit hole in a farmer’s field in Shropshire, England, are still a hot topic of debate in the local community. Their purpose, as well as their exact date of building, remain an unsolved mystery.

Many people believe that they were dug out by followers of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, more commonly known as the Knights Templar, during the 17th century, as a place where they could meet in secret.

This historically intriguing Catholic military order was founded in 1119 and soon grew to be rich and powerful. Their persecution and abrupt dissolution by Pope Clement V in the early 1300s forms part of the mystery that surrounds the secretive medieval Templars.

There is another argument: That the Caynton Caves were simply created as a Victorian folly in around 1850 by a rich landowner.

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